The Gathering

"Why does the sun come up? Or are the stars just pin holes in the curtain of night, who knows? What I do know is that because you were born different, men will fear you... try to drive you away like the people of your village. You must learn to conceal your special gift and harness it until the time of the Gathering."

"What Gathering?"

In June 1998, Thunder Castle Games revisited the universe of the first three Highlander films in a big way. "The Gathering" was both a new expansion of over a hundred cards as well as a revised, much-needed reprint of the original "Movie Edition". Featuring 4 new Immortals, new cards for the existing Movie personas, and more Premiums than any other set (including Ramirez preview cards), The Gathering is a truly epic set, escalating the conflict to a level of power not yet seen.

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